About Us

What We Believe In

Ease was born out of a belief that cleaning should be effortless, effective, and healthy for both people and the environment. With minimally packaged and exceptionally designed products, we invite you to ease into a life of clean and comfort.

Our Mission

To us, cleaning with conscience means aiming for less: less resources, space, time, and energy use; less packaging, water pollution, and less carbon footprint. Ease’s sustainably-packaged, liquid-free laundry detergent sheet marks our first step in committing to a simple, cleaner future.

Our Science

Ease has combined active enzymes and cleaning surfactants with color-catcher properties, creating a revolutionary laundering solution that delivers gentle yet effective cleaning for both the people and the planet.

Color-Catcher Properties

Our laundry detergent sheets are made with recycled non-woven regenerative plant fiber. The fiber-based sheets feature an all-over hexagonal pattern that catches the extra dyes, colorants, and toxic whitening agents (mostly found in bleach) onto the sheets, eliminating color bleeds while preventing harmful dyes and chemicals from reaching our water source.

Gentle, Yet Potent Formula

Proven and tested, our detergent’s formula is eco-friendly all while safe to the skin. Each laundry detergent sheet is ultra-concentrated with superior surfactants and enzymes that are paraben-free, dye-free, phosphate-free, and bleach-free.

Active Enzymes

Powerful cleaning enzymes are lastly airbrushed onto the detergent sheets to effectively combat tough stains and odors.

Protease - removes protein stains from grass, blood, egg, sweat, grease and oils, as well as colored stains from coffee, tea, and wine

Amylase - removes the starch contained in food soils such as rice, pasta, potato, corn and baby food.

Mannanase – makes stains water soluble, so that stains are instantly rinsed off during the wash cycle.

Optimized for Cold Water

Our detergent’s formula is designed to perform best with either cold or warm water. Washing with cold water extends the longevity of your clothes while also reducing the amount of energy used in laundering.


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